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Construction companies have been slow to adopt digital tools and few have fully digitized their operations. What are the challenges construction companies face when considering cloud computing, online invoicing and more?

  1. Unique Projects and a Lack of Repetition

Many construction projects are a one-time job and require unique solutions and a specified team that might not work together again. Exceptions to this situation include multi-year agreements and subcontracting agreements.

2. Decentralization

Businesses in the construction world tend to be decentralized due to the demands of their work and variance in project locations. While a “corporate” office might stay static, project sites might be remote.

3. Fragmentation

Construction projects frequently require the assistance of small teams of specialists from various organizations, creating a potentially chaotic map of company policies and procedures.

How can the construction industry overcome these challenges?

Improved flexibility

Cloud hosting and mobile business applications keep teams connected despite moving locations.

Ease of Access

Online cloud applications, like time keeping, invoicing, time management software, and business suites like Microsoft Office makes it easy for teams to collaborate across locations and times within an organization and can readily be exported to a format that can be shared across companies.


Eliminate redundancy and costly, outdated tools that can drain your business by migrating to a centralized platform like a private cloud server.