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Everyone’s favorite time of year – tax season – is creeping up on the calendar. Monday, April 18, may feel far away, but the filing deadline will be here before we know it. Tax season is prime time for online scams!

a 2017 Identity Fraud Study by Javelin Strategy & Research revealed that nearly one in three consumers reported that their data has been breached and become victims of identity fraud. So, what do you do to stay safe?

Be Aware of Phishing, Email and Malware Scams

Cybercriminals will try to get you to act so they can steal your personal information. Keep an eye out for unsolicited emails, text messages, social media posts prompting you to click a link or to share personal or financial information. If opened, these files can be harmful to your computer or social device and you might lose access to your personal files.

Fraudulent Tax Returns Are Out There

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) strongly recommends filing your tax return ASAP. If you submit your tax information early, it becomes impossible for a fraudster to submit another return with your personal information.

  1. Only share your Social Security number when it’s necessary and with a trusted contact (financial advisor).
  2. Never throw papers with personal information like your Social Security number or bank account information in the trash without shredding them!

Passwords and Secure Logins

Keep your software updated, including your computer’s security! Add the strongest authentication tools to your computer and files (like 2FA) will protect key accounts from being accessed.

When in doubt, trust your intuition. Happy tax season and remember these tips when filing your taxes this year. The myCREcloud team is here to help if you need assistance with accessing your Sage and Quickbooks tax information.

Need more? We also offer in-house IT support and can help you set up your cloud to be the safest possible!