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How will the cloud play into the future of flying?

How will the cloud play into the future of flying?

Cloud computing is a widespread standard across the corporate world and has spread into nontraditional fields, like aviation.

The Right Tools

Cloud platforms allow airports to meet their potential and set the standards higher than ever for meeting price-sensitive, resilient and adaptable solutions for commercial airlines, private planes, and travelers.

  • Contactless customer processing
  • Networking to allow ground handlers, pilots, and customer service agents to communicate on the same infrastructure
  • Omnichannel services allow passengers to be updates about their flights at all times

Keeping up with Changing Requirements

COVID-19 has changed the operations of every company, no matter how large or small. Airports previously tailored their tech to security, speed and cost, but the pandemic forced a new way of thinking and an emphasis on cleanliness and remote connection.

Opportunities for Improvement

Global hubs are better supported by cloud computing- this is demonstrated by optimizing passenger processes, air transport communications, and the ability to streamline operations that historically has needed man-power to operate (bag checks).

Cloud computing is revolutionizing aviation from commercial airlines to the private sector and will continue to steadily grow and cloud infrastructures mature.