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The digital and environmental footprint of cloud computing undoubtedly continues to expand – but is it harmful?

Cloud computing is a resilient option for businesses and individuals looks to avoid data loss, enable remote work, and allow businesses to scale.

The Pros

Cloud computing has made working online more efficient than ever before and has a surprising number of positives for the environment:

  • People can work remotely, avoiding the impliciations of daily travel like pollution, fuel consumption, and day-to-day waste generated from actions like eating out for lunch or your Starbucks habit
  • Energy usage has decreated by 87%, according to a Google study conducted in 2013
  • Data centers recover and reuse heat

The Cons

  • Equipment generates heat and tech must be kept at a cool temperature to run correctly, as a result, additional energy must be used to keep these areas cool
  • Coolants and other battery back-ups are reportedly mined unsustainably.

The Takeaway

Cloud computing improves efficiency and provides an opportunity for more streamlined, cleaner technology. As a community, we will continue to strive for increased transparency from our technology providers.