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The cloud remains the go-to transformation platform for companies aiming to lead the pack and embrace the latest game-changing technologies. From GenAI and automated shop floors to software-defined vehicles and smart meters, the tech innovations set to shake up industries demand robust cloud capabilities and a deep understanding of cloud evolution.

Here are some predictions about the cloud’s evolution:

  1. Cloud is set to elevate edge computing, especially with ultra-low latency through 5G. This strategic shift combines cloud infrastructure with edge capabilities, offering agility and economic efficiency. Examples include automakers enhancing vehicle computing capabilities and real-time processing on factory floors.
  2. Growing interest in cloud economics will lead to more tailored cloud portfolios for enhanced ROI. In 2024, CFOs and COOs will steer the cloud consumption narrative, focusing on optimizing ROI through a cost-conscious yet value-driven approach, especially with the help of advanced analytics and automation from GenAI.
  3. Accelerated industry cloud adoption will transform healthcare, finance, and highly regulated industries. Specialized cloud solutions enhance data security, ensure compliance, and modernize IT, accelerating innovation and operational efficiency. Industry clouds are becoming a linchpin for businesses in their digital transformation journey.
  4. Multicloud and hybrid cloud are set to outshine single-cloud models in 2024, becoming crucial not just for a competitive edge but also for regulatory compliance. To make the most of multi-cloud, businesses need solid protocols, including tight data management, advanced security, smooth workload mobility, and comprehensive governance.
  5. Interactive AI is gearing up to revolutionize customer service in 2024, leveraging cloud power for enhanced GenAI interaction capabilities. We might see the world’s first zero-touch call centers, taking customer service to a whole new level with tasks beyond traditional chatbots.

In 2024, the cloud will remain a strong value driver for enterprises seeking to innovate rapidly, harmonize their data, and deliver new forms of value to customers.