We have been with MyCRECloud for 18 months. The cloud hosting has worked without interruption. For service, they are responsive, proactive, and clear in communication. We recommend them to any Sage user.

Rick Smoot, Phoenix Pacific

“We use MyCRECloud as part of the software suite at the company I work with and they are a pleasure. Always fast and reliable service. Friendly help, and nearly a 100% uptime with very little work from us.”

-Aaron Allen

Aaron Allen

“I switched over to myCreCloud to host our private cloud server a couple years ago. Compared to the company we used before, it was night and day. myCreCloud is fast and secure, and after experiencing data loss due to a security breach, fast and secure is very much appreciated.”

-Sandra Hernandez

Compared to the company we used before, it was night and day

“For myself and my Hosted clients, myCRE has been and continues to be a vital part of the clients’ overall success. I’m a Sage300CRE Certified Consultant with multiple myCRE clients. In my view myCRE’s support staff is great on two fronts … working directly and quickly with the client and additionally providing the level of support I need to effectively service Sage300CRE and its many and varied add-on products. It has been a great relationship and I look forward to working with them far into the future.”

-Jim Randall

Jim Randall

“Absolutely pleased with MyCREcloud as they were very responsive to our implementation and integration start up processes. They are highly recommended by our Sage consultant and we made the right decision to use them. The pricing was reasonable and presented itself to be competitive with other pricing we got. Tanner Evenrud is an excellent IT and guided me through the start up process with ease. Thank you for all your assistance! Looking forward to this partnership.”

-Zen Juanillo

Zen Juanillo

“I have used myCRECloud to host our Sage Construction software for over 5 years. For the last three years, we have used myCREcloud to provide us with remote, anywhere access to our construction software. We can access all features of our Sage package from anywhere, anytime. We can be on a job site, whether working on estimates, proposals, with subcontractors, we have all information available to us. Since we first started with myCREcloud, their customer service has been excellent and their technical support has always answered any question and solved and problem quickly. Their pricing structure is more than competitive and provides an excellent value for the service. I am very comfortable recommending myCREcloud without reservation.”

-Jay Callender

Jay Callender

“myCRECloud hosting makes it easy for us to access Sage 100 Contractors whether working in the office or anywhere else with internet access”

-Ame Shearer, Revim

Ame Shearer, Revim

“I have really appreciated the ease and customer service of myCRECloud. We migrated from a different server after having constant issues and glitches, very slow, and even experienced loss of data due to a security breach! Have not looked back since. Thanks myCRECloud!”

-Sandra Hernandez, Bear Electrical

Sandra Hernandez, Bear Electrical

We were skeptical with moving over to the Cloud on our Sage 300 server as we’ve always managed it on Prem. MyCREcloud to the rescue. Our project manager made moving to the cloud seamless. The Engineers are quick to respond and are, for the most part, proactive. The ROI is near instant. We don’t have to manage any backups, upgrades to Sage 300 (it is part of the myCREcloud service), we have users managing their own passwords via a portal. We are quite happy that we decided on MyCRECloud. They use Azure and, being a public company, all we need to get are the SOC1 reports from Microsoft for Azure and we are all set.

-Joey Albert, Perasol

MyCREcloud to the Rescue

“The myCREcloud team has been extremely responsive using their service. We have worked with a few different cloud providers in the industry and their customer service has far exceeded all others”

-Ashley, TKS Turnkey Scaffold

Ashley Ruis, Accounting Manager | TKS Turn Key Scaffold | San Diego, CA