Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX Cloud Hosting

Why You Should Consider Microsoft Dynamics AX Cloud Hosting

The team at myCREcloud can transition your Microsoft Dynamics AX software to a cloud hosting solution. What are the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX Cloud Hosting? You future-proof your business by making your data and software more secure, accessible, reliable, and scalable when you transition to Microsoft Dynamics AX Cloud Hosting.

And, you free up your team’s time to focus on your business instead of internal IT support and setup. Along with relieving IT headaches, you’ll achieve improved:


Enterprise level speed and reliability 24/7/365. Access your data and software from any device, anywhere, anytime. with improved speed and performance.


Your data and software are safe, secure, compliant, and backed up in your private cloud.


With 99.9% uptime and unparalleled speed, your software is available when and where you need it.


Reduce in-house IT expenses, vendor/support fees, and costs associated with maintaining software. And, create greater efficiency by more rapidly deploying software to team members.

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